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Troubleshooting and Support
Troubleshooting and Support
How to power on the Aura Sleep Mask?
The Aura Sleep Mask is designed with an elegant touch, and the power button (Tap button) is hidden in the middle underneath the fabric. To power it on, please follow these steps:1. Press and hold the Tap button located in the middle of the sleep mask for about 2 seconds.2. You should see the blue LED on top start flashing continuously, indicating that the sleep mask is in Bluetooth pairing mode.
Aura Dreamscape App consuming battery in the background?
Here are a few steps you can try to address this problem: Reboot your Phone: Try restarting your phone to see if the issue persists. This can sometimes help reset background processes. Check App Permissions: Make sure that the Aura app has the necessary permissions to run in the background. Go to your phone's settings, find the Aura app, and ensure that it has permission to run in the background. Update the App: Ensure that you are using the latest version of the Aura app. Sometimes, app developers release updates to address known issues. Contact Aura Support: If the problem persists, consider reaching out to Aura's customer support for assistance. We have specific troubleshooting steps or be aware of any issues related to the app's background usage.
How to control/play the song?
To control the playback of songs on your sleep mask:1. Play/Pause: Press the Tap button once.2. Next Song: Press the Tap button twice.3. Previous Song: Press the Tap button three times.These commands should help you navigate through your playlist seamlessly.
My iPhone unable to pair with Aura sleep mask.
If you're experiencing issues pairing your Aura with your iPhone, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:1. Remove the USB cable from the Aura Mask2. Make sure the Aura Mask is off3. Press and hold the "Tap" button under the middle of Aura Mask for 2 seconds.4. Check for the blue LED flashing, indicating that it's in pairing mode, and listen for the voice prompt saying "Welcome to Aura... Pairing."5. On your iPhone, go to Settings -> Bluetooth.Look for the device named ""Aura Mask 14xxxxxx"" in the list and select it to initiate the pairing process.If the issue persists, you may also want to try the following:- Restart your iPhone.- Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone.- Forget the Aura device from your iPhone's Bluetooth settings and attempt to pair it again.Please contact our customer service from down below if issue persists.