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Aura Dreamscape App
Aura Dreamscape App
Does it require a subscription for the meditation/nature sound content?
No, Aura Circle Sleep Mask offers a variety of nature sounds, meditation, and ASMR content without requiring a subscription. You can access and enjoy these features for free through our dedicated app. Enhance your sleep experience with a diverse selection of soothing sounds, creating a tranquil environment tailored to your preferences.
Can it play any audio I want or only the sound scapes and medication from the app?
Yes, the Aura Circle Sleep Mask allows you to play your preferred audio via Bluetooth, so you can listen to your favorite music or other audio content. However, for the optimal sleep, relaxation, and meditation experience, the dedicated Aura Dreamscape App offers curated soundscapes and meditations designed to enhance your sleep quality. While you have the flexibility to play your own audio, exploring the content available in the app might provide you with a more immersive and tailored experience. We appreciate your support and look forward to having you as part of the Aura Circle Community.
Where to download Aura Dreamscape app?
You can download the Aura Dreamscape app for your sleep mask from the following links:For Android (Google Play Store): iOS (App Store):
How often do you update your content library?
We regularly update our content library to enhance your experience. Our goal is to provide a diverse and enriching selection of live recorded nature sounds, guided meditation, and ASMR tracks. We're committed to keeping our content fresh and engaging.
I generally power down all my EMF producing devices when I go to bed, including my phone. Does the Aura Sleep Mask have any functionality (such as light therapy) without bluetooth or is the phone needed for all functions?
The Aura Sleep Mask does have a built-in audio content that allows for phoneless operation without Bluetooth wireless communication. You can enjoy its soothing sounds during Zen mode without the need for your phone. However, please note that the light therapy feature is not included in Zen mode and may require Bluetooth connectivity to function. If you have any specific preferences or questions about the functionality, feel free to let us know!
Is there an airplane mode that can be used? I read some articles about EMF? Wondering if we can shut down the BLE but still listening to smooth music?
Yes, the Aura sleep mask has a feature called "Zen Mode" that allows you to turn off Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transmission while still enjoying the soothing sounds such as nature sounds, guided meditation, breathwork, and ASMR tracks. This way, you can create a peaceful and uninterrupted environment for relaxation without the Bluetooth connection.