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  • perfect serenity of Aura Smart Sleep Mask

    Elevate your sleep sanctuary with our add-on accessories - Experience the luxurious embrace.

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Aura 3D Hug Cushion for Enhanced Comfort

Experience the ultimate level of comfort and relaxation with the Aura 3D Hug Cushion. Designed as a magnetic detachable washable cushion, it is the perfect accessory for your Aura Smart Sleep Mask.

Superior Comfort and Support

The 3D Hug Cushion is specially crafted to provide superior comfort and support during your sleep. Its innovative design allows it to perfectly contour to the shape of your face, providing a gentle and snug embrace.

Magnetic Detachable Design

Featuring a magnetic detachable design, the 3D Hug Cushion seamlessly attaches to your Aura Smart Sleep Mask. This allows for easy removal and cleaning, ensuring a fresh and hygienic cushion for each use.

Washable and Easy to Maintain

Keeping your 3D Hug Cushion clean is effortless. Simply detach it from the sleep mask and wash it using mild soap and water. It is quick-drying and retains its shape even after multiple washes, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Enhance Your Sleep Experience

By combining the Aura Smart Sleep Mask with the 3D Hug Cushion, you can create the perfect sleep sanctuary. The cushion adds an extra layer of comfort and support, allowing you to achieve deeper and more restful sleep.


The Aura 3D Hug Cushion is specifically designed to work with the Aura Smart Sleep Mask. It is a perfect fit and seamlessly integrates with the mask's features and functionalities.

Key Features:

  • Provides superior comfort and support
  • Magnetic detachable design for easy removal and cleaning
  • Washable and quick-drying
  • Enhances the sleep experience with the Aura Smart Sleep Mask

Unleash the extraordinary in sleep

An exclusive sanctuary crafted for you

Total blackout, luxurious pressure-free design, immersive light therapy, and integrated speakers create a personalized journey of meditation, ASMR, and more.

why aura

Revolutionary Comfort Design

Experience the Detachable Magnetic Hug: Elevate Your Comfort in 3D Cushion Innovation

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Voices of Tranquility

Discover the transformative impact of Aura Smart Sleep Mask. From enhanced relaxation to revitalized mornings, our users share their profound journey to serene nights in total blackout bliss.

"Experience Better Sleep!"

Aura combines cutting-edge technology with soothing soundscapes for a better sleep routine.

Lauren Wadowsky, Editor

“A GameChanger!”

Aura has revolutionized my sleep experience. I wake up feeling refreshed with the sunrise wake up light and that really improved my sleep.


“Sweet Dreams Guaranteed!”

Aura is truly exceptional. After years of struggling with sleep, bedtime has become a joy. The nature sounds and light therapy elevate relaxation to a new level, and I effortlessly drift into deep slumber.


"Great Addition to my Yoga Lessons"

As a yoga instructor, the Aura Smart Sleep Mask is a valuable addition to my classes. I highly recommend it to fellow yogis for its impact on relaxation and breath-focused sessions.


Aura Dreamscape App

Restore Your Natural Rhythm With Sound

Experience the magic of Dreamscape - an enchanting fusion of meditation, ASMR, and the soothing melodies of nature, harmoniously orchestrated to guide you toward the restful slumber you truly deserve.

Venture into the world of tranquil sounds with Marc Anderson, a celebrated nature sound recordist who embarked on a global journey to capture an extraordinary and diverse range of Mother Nature’s captivating rhythms. Your mask comes complete with over an hour of these symphonies, ready to lull you into a peaceful dreamland.

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